2018 CIP #1 Street Rehab
2018 Preventative Maintenance
Frequently Asked Questions -   2018 CIP #1 Street Rehab Project

CLICK HERE to download the latest schedule. (Updated May 31, 2018)

    1) How will I know when my street is scheduled for work?
    • You will receive a door hanger at least the afternoon prior to work being performed (or sooner if requested by your local agency).
    • You will see “No Parking” signs marked with the scheduled day and date of work posted along the street, if on-street parking is typically permitted.
    • Visit the Adleta Construction, LLC web site (www.adletaconstruction.com) and click on “My Street” tab to access the most recent street schedules.

    2) Can I park on the street?
    • No. If your vehicle is left on the street, it will be towed to allow the work to be performed. Your vehicle needs to either remain in your driveway or be parked on an adjacent street that is not scheduled to be worked on and is not posted with “No Parking” signs.

    3) What time will the work be performed?
    • Normal work hours are from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM, however, please remember that it may take several hours after the crew completes a street for the newly applied materials to cure before your street will be re-opened. Under normal circumstances your street will be opened by 7:00 PM at the latest.

    4) What if there is an emergency (fire, police, ambulance)?
    • Your local government agency will be informed of all street closures and in the event of any emergency, the responders will always be able to gain access to your street and home.

    5) What happens if my street does not get completed on the scheduled day due to weather or any other reason?
    • Please refer to the Adleta Construction, LLC web site (www.adletaconstruction.com) and click on the “My Street” tab to access the most recent street schedules.

    6) What can I do to help make this project a success?
    • Follow the guidelines above.
    • Be cautious so that no accidents occur and no one gets injured.
    • Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide you a well maintained street.

    7) What should I do if I have an extraordinary situation or any additional questions?
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